We will set a new standard

With DJGA Masters, the team behinds wants to create 3 unforgettable days at The Scandinavians magnificent facilities. “We want the players to fell like this is not just a regular tournament, but instead this is THE tournament of the year and im looking forward to the challenge” says the man behind DJGA (Danish Junior Golf Academy) Peter Thomsen.

2019 is the first year the tournament is held, and the team behind is already working hard on preparing everything . To create the wanted atmosphere during the tournemant days many ideas have been brought to live: “We will let us inspire from professional tournaments in all aspects of DJGA Masters. This includes interviewing the top players after their rounds, a special designed website to deliver proper communications to both competitors and all who have interest in the tournament, Trackmans will be avalible for the players during warmup and warm-down on the Driving Range, and we will “only” be playing 18 holes pr day as the professionals do” tell Nicolai Cetti Engstrøm, on of the people behind the tournament.

Trackmans will help the competitors during their preparation. They will be available for use at the Driving Range.

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