Welcome letter 2020

Dear all participants of DJGA Masters at The Scandinavian

We are happy to tell you that the tee-times now has been published. We are very excited to see you all the Tuesday morning for an amazing tournament. 

Here are some important information you MUST read before the tournament:

Check in

Check in will Tuesday morning be open from 6:45 in the clubhouse, where registrations will be completed and scorecards will be given out.  Wednesday and Thursday there will be no need to check in at the clubhouse since scorecards will be given out in the first tee. 

Driving Range

Warm up and practice on the driving range will unfortunately be from the mats, and not the grass as it would normally be. This is due to maintenance work. 


On the driving range a Trackman will be available for use Tuesday and Wednesday. All players are free to use this device to practice and preparation purpose. Please make sure to limit your time on it if more players are waiting to use it after you. 

Online scores

As an add-on to this years tournament we will like to offer spectators and extra opportunity to follow the scores. We will be using Golfbox´s feeature that allows players to upload their scores after each hole to the leaderboard. All players will receive a code and a link they can use for this purpose. It is okay that only 1 player in the group enters every players score after each whole. The real scorecard that is handed in after the round is seen as THE score, and will overrule whatever the players has entered online during the round. 


Lunch is not included in the years entry fee. We do highly recommend The Waters restaurant located in the clubhouse. Upon arrival at the tournament you will be given the option to order between 3 delicious dishes, that then will be served to you after your round in the restaurant. This will be on your own cost. 

You are not allowed to eat your own food in the clubhouse or connecting terrace. 

Speed of play

We want to see a nice pace of play during the tournament. We are aware that 4 players in some groups is of course going to take a bit longer than 3 players, but as long as we can see that every player is doing what they can to keep a nice pace, there will be no problems. 

Please also make sure to treat the course well. This means to rake the bunker, and fix you pitch-marks every time. 

Bad behavior

The tournament committee wants to see that players behave probably during this tournament. This mens ABSOLUTLY no throwing with clubs, no aggressive yelling or others actions that does not match will the gentlemen sport that golf is. 


The price-ceremony will be held in the clubhouse Thursday after the last players has finished their rounds. 

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