DJGA Masters

DJGA Masters af The Scandinavian
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A professional setup

“We will let us inspire from professional tournaments in all aspects of DJGA Masters. This includes interviewing the top players after their rounds, a special designed website to deliver proper communications to both competitors and all who have interest in the tournament, Trackmans will be avalible for the players during…

1 round a day

The tournament will be played like a professionel tournament with only 18 holes pr day. We wish to give all competitions the best possible conditions to performe their best, and 18 holes is without doubt optimal regarding this. Practice before and after the round is suddenly possible with only 18…

The best course in Denmark

DJGA Master is held at The Scandinavians magnificent facilities . Two courses is to be found and both is ranked among the top 5 courses in country. The tournament will be played at New Course, which many consider as the thoughts one of the two courses. Many narrow drives and…


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